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Why Washington Angers Us

Is it not symbolic of what Moses witnessed on his return from Mount Sinai?  Did he see a celebration of faith?  No. He saw the affirmation of a pagan deity.  It was the renunciation of faith and loyalty. He saw his people falling back into their old ways; he saw a return to misguided paganism.  His anger was not misplaced. He saw the people that were led from slavery in Egypt exchange the integrity of their convictions and morals for a golden bull. Has not congress betrayed the nation by worshiping the money from lobbyists and billionaires, while sacrificing the just representation of the American people? They have betrayed the principles they swore to uphold and the promises they made to the voters.

When Moses saw his people offering sacrifices - feasting, carousing, and performing licentious acts, he was angry.  The vast majority of legislators in Congress have consistently demonstrated their perverse allegiance to a minuscule billionaire class, while forfeiting their moral obligations to an impoverished working class. Other than empty campaign promises, congress consistently ignores the needs of disabled veterans, hungry children, the homeless, underpaid workers, the medically needy, students seeking a college education, the rights of women, fair wages, gay rights , and addressing the violent racial and ethnic abuse that has become rampant.  How can this anger be directed justly? We must find our way together or perish in the ruins of a failing society. Washington reflects our crumbling empire. Are we not angered when we see our nation's capitol wallowing in corruption and dysfunction?