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Racial Profiling


Racist Acts Are Believable

The shooting took place Saturday morning, April 4, 2015 at about 9:30 after a routine traffic stop. Arresting officer, Michael Slager, initially claimed that he fired in self-defense. He told investigators that he pulled over Walter Scott for a broken tail light and was confronted with life-threatening resistance. However after a video surfaced, it was clear that this was not true. The South Carolina officer was then rightfully charged with murder.  The video clearly shows Slager shooting the unarmed black man in the back several times.
While there are responsible police officers in our communities, rhetoric that  dismisses widespread bigotry  perpetuates the problem. Without that video, most of us know that the officer would have been exonerated of any wrongdoing and the victim would have been blamed for his own demise. Those of us who are shocked by this story are out of touch with our world as it really is. It is tragic in the sense that a human being lost his life unjustly. But, how many murders of this nature happen each year in our country? Do we really want to know?
Many politicians emphasize how rare and unique it is; we will always have a few bad apples, they proclaim. But, this falsehood glosses over the systemic violent acts perpetrated against people of color and other minorities. While there are responsible police officers, who dutifully try to protect their communities regardless of race, this kind of rhetoric dismisses the widespread bigotry found in our law enforcement agencies. 
Let's drop the pretense. The tragic death of Walter Scott is not unique. The video exposed what too many people have known for years: we have  some law enforcement officials throughout the nation, who are violent racists.  Unless they are monitored effectively by mandatory video recorders, they will continue to abuse, and murder.  Violent racism is rampant in our institutions.  Exposure and awareness is  the beginning of solving this issue.



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