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The Vatican & Pedophilia

In the Shadows of the Vatican

For more than a decade the Roman Catholic Church has obfuscated, denied, and evaded responding to charges of  priestly pedophilia.  Instead of finding compassion with the sexually abused children, far too often Catholic priests, bishops, and cardinals have identified with their fellow clergy. While former assistant football officials at Penn State also looked the other way regarding the sex crimes committed by coach Jerry Sandusky, Penn State must be recognized, however, for commissioning a completely unrestrained investigation by former FBI Director Louis Freeh; his report concluded that Penn State officials engaged in a cover-up that allowed Sandusky's sexual assaults on children to continue for years.  Removing the statue of head coach and revered, Joe Peterno, Penn State should be commended. The head coach's willingness to turn a blind eye on Sandusky's abuse of children was publicly and rightly denounced.  
In a shocking contrast to the indifference of the Vatican,  National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) also took the higher road; it sided promptly and definitely with the victims with a very harsh ruling sending a powerful message to collegiate athletic programs elsewhere in the United States.  The NCAA made it clear that neither the sex crimes of Sandusky nor the "see no evil, hear no evil" response of Paterno and other Penn State officials will be tolerated. Nevertheless, the church continues to evade this issue by hiding and covering it up.
 Will  the lessons of Penn State and NCAA reverberate to in the halls of the Vatican? 
Will the hidden knowledge of decades of sexual abuse of children continue to accumulate
in the dark halls of the powerful Vatican?  The Vatican has not undertaken or cooperated with investigations to unearth how the institution lost its way.  Until this admission comes,  the church must recognize it is not a safe place to  leave your children unattended.