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                                  lianne lemieux schneider 


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Spadecaller art presents soulful visions of wildlife,  nature, and humankind. 
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New Spadecaller Artwork

title: In the silent attic

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Wood beams, planks, and skeleton walls, 

Beneath this roof yesterday calls. 

Folded flag, ragged suitcases, old boots worn. 

In the silent attic, we return once again to mourn.

The Silent Attic - A Poem by Spadecaller

Title: Ashararaptor Nest

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There are new reports coming in from Ashara, the planet with three moons. Among the craters of planet Ashara, current explorations report finding nests of colorful raptor eggs. Planet Ashara is in a moderate sized solar system with eleven other planets. The planet is nearly twice the size of Earth with a 1.75 times greater gravity force. Nearly 60% of the planet is covered by water. The land is spotted with small desert regions, which are surrounded by grasslands and rainforests. Recent reports from the first exploration team describe nocturnal packs of six to eight raptors preying on antelope-like creatures. The mature raptors are estimated to be about seven feet tall and weigh approximately 160 Kilograms. The exploration team is carefully watching the “ashararaptors,” as they complete their first tour of the planet. Ashararaptor Nest is a digital painting.

TITLE; the jeuter barrier reef

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Jeuter Reef is located in the warm waters of the Leshuna Ocean on planet Hasporth. Much of the planet is primarily tropical and subtropical with mild winters. The land is covered by rainforests populated by birds and small amphibians. Hasporth is in a vast solar system with twenty-two other planets. Its gravity is about 2.48 times that of Earth and is 1.3 times bigger. At least 75% of the planet is covered by water. Hidden in the depths of this planet's seven oceans are many gorgeous corals and sea anemones. There is an abundance of small brilliantly colored reef fish with some larger predator fish that roam the reefs. This is a digital painting of an imaginary underwater world far, far off in another galaxy. 

TITLE:  Flower of Light

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The white rose is also known as "the flower of light." It symbolizes everlasting love - love stronger than even death, an eternal love, undying and all sustaining. The white rose glorifies the love that resides in the soul, as opposed to the red rose that speaks of passionate promises. In this image, the delicate innocence and purity of the white rose is shown thriving in the wilderness. I dedicate this image to my son, Joshua, who passed away on June 8th of 2016.


TITLE:  Blackfoot on the Buffalo Trail

The Blackfoot Native Americans were among the first indigenous tribes to inhabit the Great Plains and Canadian Prairies of North America. The Blackfoot Confederacy or Niitsitapi, which means "original people," is the collective name of the First Nation.  In the first half of the 18th century, they acquired horses and firearms from white traders. With their development of an equestrian culture during the 18th and 19th centuries, they became a nomadic culture following vast herds of buffalo. Resistance to domination by the government and military forces of Canada and United States made the Blackfoot and other Native American tribes of the Great Plains a model for literature and art,  This is a digital painting.


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TITLE: Fins & Feathers Abstract

The incredible array of colors and shapes of creatures that are adorned with fins and feathers is the source of inspiration for this abstract image..