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                                  lianne lemieux schneider 


Spadecaller Art

Spadecaller art presents soulful visions of wildlife,  nature, and humankind. 
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New Spadecaller Artwork


TITLE:  Blackfoot on the Buffalo Trail

The Blackfoot Native Americans were among the first indigenous tribes to inhabit the Great Plains and Canadian Prairies of North America. The Blackfoot Confederacy or Niitsitapi, which means "original people," is the collective name of the First Nation.  In the first half of the 18th century, they acquired horses and firearms from white traders. With their development of an equestrian culture during the 18th and 19th centuries, they became a nomadic culture following vast herds of buffalo. Resistance to domination by the government and military forces of Canada and United States made the Blackfoot and other Native American tribes of the Great Plains a model for literature and art,  This is a digital painting.


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TITLE: Fins & Feathers Abstract

The incredible array of colors and shapes of creatures that are adorned with fins and feathers is the source of inspiration for this abstract image..