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                                  lianne lemieux schneider 


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Spadecaller art presents soulful visions of wildlife,  nature, and humankind. 
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Protected for almost 50 years after they were hunted to the brink of extinction, wolves are again under attack.  Competition for land and prey threatened this wild canine. The greatest threat comes from the false notion that reducing the wolf population will increase the size of the deer and elk herds. Offering bounties for the killing of wolves only temporarily produces larger deer and elk herds. The fact is, however, the increase in herd populations produces disease and starvation.

Wolves maintain healthy herd sizes by killing off the weak and sick.  Ultimately, the herds are stronger and less prone to spreading disease and birth defects to the offspring.  Wolves have a lot in common with human beings; they are social, family-oriented, and highly adaptable. While there's no record of a healthy wolf ever attacking a person in the United States, old myths and fears continue to distort the truth.


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