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On the Precipice of Totalitarianism



Throughout the ages and in modern times, history repeats the dreadful mistakes of the past often with little awareness from society.  For this reason like many others, I am joining the voices of the loud minority that clamor to avert the return of tragic events that can render a nation and a world vulnerable to tyranny and despotism.  Our failure to educate our children about the history of warring societies carries a grave cost.  Donald Trump has become a serious  threat to the world.

It was 1920. Germany was preparing for change - any change.  Deep anger, economic hardship, distrust towards the government,  and a failing belief in the Wiemar Republic democratic constitution eroded the nation's morale.  After Wall Street crashed in 1929, the U.S. called in its loans to Germany, and the German economy collapsed.  A weary, hostile, and desperate society was ready for any kind of change. Many Germans wanted to blame something and someone for their state of affairs.  Adolf Hitler offered them unprecedented change and a group of people to blame - the Jews (the money lenders). He promised to make a disgraced Germany great again. He promised prosperity, a return to German nationalism, and the banishment of Jews from German society.  At first, many Germans did not take his campaign seriously. In 1932, a popular poster for the fervent candidate read: "Hitler ... Our Last Hope."

Are there are enough Americans ready to support a leader who promises to abolish the 14th amendment to deport millions of Mexican children and their undocumented parents? Should we not be outspoken about a President, who promises to make a purer America great again"  Should we not be disturbed about Donald Trump, who wrongly insists that the former President was not an American citizen? Should we not be troubled by a man who promises to upgrade nuclear weaponry and to build the strongest military power the world has ever known? Should we not be cautious when a president insists he will change the constitution because he's a tough negotiator and unencumbered by political correctness?  Are his promises to re-locate our oil that somehow migrated under the Iranian sands rational?  Failing to invoke political correctness, are we not better off exposing the historical similarities of another arrogant despot seeking power? Is America on the precipice of totalitarianism? Will enough devotees and hate groups rally around the same myth? Is Trump their last hope? Is the rise of a fascist and violent dictatorship upon us. How long will we pardon the dangerous actions of another madman?